Évora Point by Point

Roman Temple

One of the biggest and well conserved roman temples from Europe,the roman temple of Évora, of corinthian style, was built in I a.C century.

Cathedral Sé

Finished in XIII century, the Sé of Évora its the biggest medieval cathedral from the country. Located in the highest part of the city, her silhouette is seen from afar.

Portas de Moura

The Chafariz das Portas de Moura is located in one of the most emblematic square of the sixteenth city and  is still today one of the symbols of Évora.

Giraldo Square

Tribute to  Giraldo Geraldos, the No Dread, that conquered the city to the moors, this square is the center neuralgic of Évora. Its fountain and the arcades surrounding it are the image of the city.

Chapel of Bones

Located in the church of São Francisco, the gothic-manueline architecture, the famous Chapel of Bones was built by franciscan friars, in XVII century, and ilustrates the fragility of human life.

Silver Water Aqueduct

Built in XVI century,the aqueduct of renaissance style it was to supply water to the city.